How to ANALYZE Data WITHOUT Coding using Tableau

What if you could analyze data without ever touching a single line of code?

You are probably interested in data science, maybe, you have dreamt about become a data analyst.

But, you have been terrified of coding. Well, Fear no more. There is a way to analyze data without touching a single line of code.

Analyze Data WITHOUT Coding

Learn Data Fundamentals

You will learn the fundamentals of data and how to read a dataset. You will learn the "why" behind the data analysis work you are doing.

We will start by laying proper foundation that will help you throughout your data career.

Build Different Types of Graphs and Dashboards

You will learn how to build scatter plots, map graphs, dual axis charts, pie charts, crosstabs, and many different types of charts.

You will learn how to work with dates, how to filter data, and how to build amazing data dashboards.

Share Your Data Analysis Work With Others.

What is the point of creating something amazing if you don't know how to share it with others?

You will learn how to share your data analysis work with the public, with other data analyst, embed your work on your website, or just share it like an image.

So you have been thinking about dipping your toes into data science but you have been afraid of coding. You have been contemplating if there is a way for the every day person to analyze data without having to deal with blocks of code. Well, there is a way.

This course will teach you fundamentals of data and how to analyze data visually without touching any code. This is a great way for you to experiment with data analysis to see if the data science career path is right for you.


Maybe you already know how to code, you already know how to analyze data using code. But, you are constantly frustrated when it comes to creating amazing visualizations. You spend hours tweaking your visualization parameters to make your visuals look exactly they way you want them to.

Sometimes, you have had to export your visualizations and finish the job in photoshop because you got frustrated and fed up with the visualization library you are using.

Deep down within you, you desperately wish there was a way for you to create outstanding visualizations without spending hours coding and tweaking every little detail.

Well, there is a way for you to create amazing visualizations in minutes instead of hours. In this course, I will show you how to quickly analyze and visualize any dataset within minutes without writing a single line of code.

Instead of spending hours fighting with matplotlib, seaborn, plotly, and other graphing libraries, you can simply click a few buttons and have outstanding visualization materialize in front of you immediately.

This frees you up to spend time thinking about your data and how to create the best visualizations to solve the problem at hand. You don't have to worry about your code breaking or what parameters to tune to get your visualization exactly the way you want it to be.

You don't have to deal with javascript or any code to add interactivity to your visualizations. You can build amazing data science dashboard that shows any combinations of visualizations that you want to display. You can create visualization dashboards with interactivity between graphs without writing a single line of code.

I started off in data science with coding, I created basic visualizations with data science libraries, but getting a note-worthy visualization would consume hours of my life. That is when I discovered Tableau.

This software that I am going to teach you how to use transformed my life and my data science journey. Since I discovered it, I have been addicted to it. Using Tableau to analyze data and create visualizations is such an amazing relief and game changer. I can experiment and create anything I want without thinking about code, writing code, debugging my code, or worry about code breaking in any step of the process.

Finally, I can be more efficient with my time. Instead of spending hours building visualizations and subsequently hours tweaking it to perfection, I can save lots of time and only spend minutes analyzing my data and building amazing visualizations to help explain the data.

I can teach you how to analyze data and create great visualizations without coding and without wasting time.

How to Analyze Data WITHOUT Coding

Learn How to Analyze Data WITHOUT Coding

What Exactly is in this Online Course?

  • Introduction to Tableau and Basic Data Concepts
  • Connecting to Data in Tableau
  • Different Types of Charts and Graphs with Examples
  • How to Filter and Sort Data in Tableau
  • How to Structure your Data in Tableau
  • How to work with Dates
  • How to build combo charts
  • How to build scatter plots
  • How to build map charts
  • How to build crosstabs
  • How to create and use calculated fields
  • How to build pie charts
  • How to build dashboards in tableau (Beginner Level)
  • How to share your data
  • How to Extract Data
  • How to Join Tables
  • How to Blend Multiple data sources
  • How to use Unions in Tableau
  • How to filter using multiple data sources
  • How to use Sets in Tableau
  • How to use Context Filters
  • How to use Splitting in Tableau
  • How to aggregate dimensions
  • How to control table calculations
  • How to use Level of Detail Expressions (LOD)
  • How to use parameters in Tableau
  • Advanced mapping techniques in Tableau
  • Distributions in Tableau
  • How to use Goals and Measures
  • How to use Statistics and Forecasting
  • Next Level dashboarding techniques
  • How to create stories in tableau
  • How to custom table calculations
  • How to create secondary table calculations
  • How to create pareto charts
  • Fixed, Include, Exclude, Level of Detail Expression
  • Sparklines, slope charts, control charts, and Cycle Plots
  • Survey Data Analysis
    Map Dense and Shapes with Hexbins and Spatial Files
  • Advanced Storytelling and Dashboarding

So...What are you waiting for?

Learn How to Analyze Data WITHOUT Coding NOW!!!